The Town of Stony Plain is undertaking a phased study for the downtown and vicinity areas to develop an Area Redevelopment Plan for the downtown and surrounding areas. The Old Town Community Plan will be utilized by both the public and private sectors to create a complete, sustainable downtown. The project aims to provide a clear guide and predicable framework for both private and public investment and for citizens with a stake in the downtown. The Old Town Community Plan will serve as a powerful tool for visualizing a preferred form of downtown redevelopment to offer guidance for Council, to set policy and for the Town′s review of development projects. The Plan will provide the policy framework for updates to the MDP, Land Use Bylaw, and development of a long-term capital improvement plan to support the implementation of the Old Town Community Redevelopment Plan.


  • Phase 1

    Winter 2018
    Background Analysis, Consultation & Visioning

  • Phase 2

    Spring 2018
    Design analysis & Alternative solutions

  • Phase 3

    Fall 2018
    Final Design & Plan development

  • Phase 4

    Winter 2019